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Arrow Falls

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Welcome to Arrow Falls, a steamy, emotional romance series from USA Today Bestselling Author Michelle Dare.


Where I End: Pretentious. Arrogant. Condescending. Cruel. All words I'd used to label him. Exactly what I’d always believed he was. All that changes one spring morning when I realize I don't know the man behind the facade.


I’m so close to ending my misery. Mere seconds away. Then she stumbles upon our argument, and I change my plans. Even with my entire world burning down around me, she refuses to walk away. Once she gets under my skin, I can't let her go, because where I end, she begins.


Where I Am: I’m not sure how I'll react when I see him after so many years. I planned on avoiding him, but our small town makes it impossible. My heart, which I thought had healed, is back to being in a million pieces. Now I'm right where I don't want to be—in front of him with tears in my eyes.


Not a day goes by when I don't think of her. When our paths cross again, I have to tell her the truth. Arguing is inevitable, but I’d rather fight for her than face another day without her. Where I am is standing in front of her—asking for another chance.


Where I Escape: Love is something my friends have, not me. I thought it was unattainable. Until I met Finn. He’s aware of my past. He’s held me through my nightmares. I’ve never met someone so kind and patient. Where I escape is into the arms of Finn where everything finally feels right again.


Content warning for bullying, child abuse, attempted suicide, physical and emotional abuse, sexual assault, pregnancy loss, and rape.

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