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Iridescent Realm

IR Set 3D.png

The king and queen of The Azure Kingdom are well known throughout the Iridescent Realm. After all, they have four very single children who are desired by many throughout the land.

Lucas Azure leads their army as well as their group of elite fighters. He never expects the woman of his literal dreams to appear in his kingdom. Once Luke sees her, there is no one else for him.

Addison Azure is the only daughter in their royal family. What she doesn’t need is her mortal enemy showing up like the knight he is and saving the day. One touch and it’s over. Forbidden love thrives between them.

Elliott Azure is tasked with a mission to assist the queen in another kingdom. He must protect her at all costs. However, she isn’t just a queen. She’s the woman fate chose for him. Now Elliott has to decide between the woman he loves and serving his kingdom.

Ryland Azure is the heir to the throne. He can’t imagine falling for one of the most powerful women in the realm. Yet, that’s exactly what he does. They fight side by side to battle dark magic and while doing so, realize how perfect they are for each other.

Enter the Iridescent Realm and fall in love with these strong heroes and powerful heroines in this complete series. Magic, suspense, dragons, and vicious beasts fill these pages along with more romance than you can handle. This set contains explicit content and graphic violence intended for those 18 and over.

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