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Isle of Ostin

Isle of Ostin Box Set 3D.png

Possessive vampires find their happily ever afters in this four-book paranormal box set.


The Ostin Heir: Royal vampire, Theo, lives on an island, keeping to himself, fearing the blood craze that annihilated his family. When Paxton arrives on the island, Theo can’t resist the pull to the attractive human. Paxton shows Theo what it means to live again.


The Ostin Prince: Vampire prince, Arbor, meets a cute human who holds his attention like no other. Zeke sees more in Arbor than darkness. There’s light within him too, and Zeke is determined to prove to Arbor they’re destined for one another.


The Ostin Scholar: College professor, Lazlo, has kept his royal identity hidden, even from the vampire prince in his class. Teachers shouldn’t date students, but vampires don’t always follow human rules. Two royal vampires come together in this forbidden love story.


The Ostin Rebel: Vampire rebel, Everest, doesn’t want any part of the royal life. He certainly doesn’t expect another royal to catch his attention. Ledger has been through far more than anyone his age should. It takes kind, patient love from Everest to pull him from his nightmares.


The Isle of Ostin series contains steamy MM paranormal romances where each book revolves around a different couple. There is an overarching storyline, sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Expect forced proximity, tragic pasts, virgins, hurt/comfort, a vampire family on a path to vengeance, and HEAs.

Content warning for descriptive violence, drinking of blood, physical, verbal, and mental abuse, assault, anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD, off-page rape, sexual assault, suicide, and drug use, and torture.

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