Kylest’s Reign

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As fae prince, Kylest treated protecting his people as a sacred honor and duty.

His sister’s unexplained disappearance dealt a blow to his heart and pride. He would leave no stone unturned in his search for her.

Raven, a common fae, never dreamed Prince Kylest would ask her to help find the princess. Turning him down never crossed her mind. For Raven, a chance to serve the royal family was a special privilege.

They searched high and low, spending every moment together. Kylest tried to stay focused, but somewhere along the way, Raven became more than just a friend.

He wanted more. He wanted her to be his.

Fate worked in mysterious ways, even if it had terrible timing.

The princess was still missing. Chaos erupted. Enemies resurfaced.

The only way Kylest and Raven would emerge unscathed was to admit love made them stronger together.

“This is the best YA paranormal series I have ever read.” – Kendra ★★★★★

“The drama in this book is intense. The characters are amazing! The storyline keeps you on your toes. Love this series and highly recommend it.” – Deanna ★★★★★

“Kylest and Raven have an amazing love story that is woven through a suspense filled tale.” – Nina ★★★★★

“At this point, I feel like I should just not even bother to read blurbs from Michelle Dare. I know already I’m going to love whatever journey I find myself on when I pick up anything written by her.” – Britt ★★★★★