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Paranormals of Avynwood: Vol I

PoA Vol 1.png

If you love possessive shifters, mischievous fae, powerful mages, and cocky vampires, dive into the world of Avynwood with this six-book set.

Wake’s Claim: Paige was the one Wake wanted but never allowed himself to have. He’d been vulnerable before, and it didn’t end well. But Paige wouldn’t give up the man who held her heart.

Ford’s Fate: Sienna stole his heart then shattered it when he least expected. Now she was back in his life, and she was in danger. Ford would protect at all costs, even if his heart never fully healed.

Kylest’s Reign: Raven didn’t think a fae prince would give her a second look. But Kylest only had eyes for her. Danger lurked around every corner, while their love bloomed in the shadows.

Solomon’s Surrender: Solomon had given up on finding love after fifteen hundred years of being alone until he met Lilah. He wanted a mate, and she didn’t. But she could only fight what was meant to be for so long.

A Very Avynwood Christmas: Vampires fought, wolves chased one another, a tree crashed to the floor. It was just another Christmas party with paranormals.

Brayden’s Return: Brayden didn’t think he belonged in the paranormal world. One night while walking home, he saw an animal in need of help. Turned out, Kandra was a wolf shifter on the run. And Brayden was put in her path for a reason.

Get your paranormal romance fix with this set today! And when you’re done, read Paranormals of Avynwood: Volume II to finish the complete series. Who needs sleep when you can fall in love with a shifter instead?

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