Solomon’s Surrender

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Cocky. No word better described Solomon.

He projected the playboy image, but only he knew the truth. Deep inside, he wanted what his brother and friends had—a mate.

Fifteen hundred years was a long time to be alone. Solomon’s pure vampire bloodline and family name made him desirable, but that didn’t take away the loneliness.

Lilah was fiercely independent and distrusting of paranormals out of necessity. Some treated her with contempt because of her half cheetah shifter/half fae heritage. They thought she was beneath them when she was actually superior.

Someone was determined to take Lilah’s life, but who was behind the attacks remained a mystery. Solomon fought off the first assault then became Lilah’s sole protector until he uncovered who wanted to harm her.

One wanted a mate, and the other didn’t.

But fate didn’t ask for their opinion. They could only fight what was meant to be for so long before the inevitable happened. If they managed to stay alive, maybe they would learn what it meant to be fated.

“The concept alone with this book and the series as a whole is breathtaking. Unique and one of a kind with the lore and how the paranormals work in this world.” – Suzanne ★★★★★

“I always love how strong the female characters in these books are and these characters keep drawing you into the story and wanting more.” – Lorie ★★★★★

“Solomon and Lilah have a story that’s bursting at the seams with romance, friendship, mystery and suspense. Michelle Dare had me glued to the pages and staying up waaaaay past my bedtime because I couldn’t put this one down!” – Britt ★★★★★

“This story left me with a smile on my face and happiness in my heart.” – Cindy ★★★★★