The Perfect Husband

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Welcome to Cape Kismet, where the neighbors are nosy, the bookstores offer an escape, and epic romances abound.

A little mistake? Try huge.
Being the screw up of the family is a talent, one I excel at.
I’m Cecilia Cabot, and I’m a teacher. Sounds pretty tame, right? Except I’m also a serial dater. Not by design, really. While the rest of my siblings are falling in love and settling down with their perfect matches, I’m going on dates with d-bags and finding out way too late that my partners have ridiculous clown fetishes.
Thank the clowns that last one wasn’t the man I met at the bar that night. The night of my huge, gigantic, exhilarating mistake. The night I got married.
Once we sleep off the liquid courage and have ourselves a wee bit of a freak out, we make a plan. Step one: Learn each other’s names. Step two: Figure out a way to keep everyone we know from figuring out how badly we messed up. Step three: Do not sleep together… again.
And finally, under no circumstances will we fall in love.
Harley Hardwick is not the man I’ve been waiting for. He’s infuriating and smug and I can hardly stand him half the time.
But the other half… I’m pretty sure all our steps won’t mean a thing if I can’t keep my heart out of this.

The Perfect Husband is book three in the Perfect Man romantic comedy series. Dive in for plenty of swoons, lots of laughs, and a guaranteed HEA ending.