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The Vault

Uncuffed 3D Cover.png

Two sinful detectives. Two steamy stories. Read the complete Vault series now.



Hope craves the high stealing gives her. She puts her childhood dreams aside and embraces her life as a thief. Then she meets a man in a bar who flips her world upside down.


The blood in Rowe’s family runs blue. Following in his father’s footsteps, he becomes a detective, vowing to protect and serve his community. However, Hope steals something of his that is worth more than money.


The last person a detective should desire is a career criminal.


All she wants is to protect a good man from going down with her when the inevitable happens.


Following their hearts leads them down a dangerous road, especially since they live on opposite sides of the law.



Alicia dedicates herself to work and spends her nights alone, rarely venturing out. She’s sworn off men until a sexy detective makes her reevaluate what she really wants.


Bodyguard duty is not why Rider became a detective. But orders are orders. When he sees a beautiful woman, he silently thanks the chief for his new mission.


Rider’s closest friend reveals a secret, blindsiding him. A decision has to be made, and the outcome will change their lives.

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