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Three Hearts on the Line

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The Namesake
Dexen Dremest leads a good life. He owns an exclusive club, has friends he cares about, and has a supportive family. Too bad there’s a hole inside his chest where his heart used to be. One man ripped it out, leaving only tattered ends behind.

The Tech Guru
Greer Lynx is happy most of the time. He can be serious when he needs to be, but he’d rather be the calm in the storm than the wind whipping everything up. If only he could find a man of his own, his life would be perfect. Or maybe two men will do.

The Mafia Boss’s Son
JJ Altair hates everything his dad is. He wants no part of that life and has fought hard for years to keep his distance. He’s got a great career, a friend he can’t keep his eyes off of, and an ex he can’t get out of his mind.

Three ties to bind. Three hearts on the line.

Three souls who break trying to ease their ache.

Dexen, Greer, and JJ are building something new and exciting together. It’s also terrifying since they’ve been burned in the past.

What’s worth giving up versus worth holding on to will need to be weighed. The scale won’t easily balance between the three of them, but they will lean one way or the other.

Three Hearts on the Line is an MMM steamy contemporary romance and book two in the Three Ties series. It features a businessman who keeps his heart guarded, a sweetheart who wants someone to love him, and a mechanic who fights to get away from his father’s shadow. There is friends to lovers, second chance romance, hurt/comfort, and a HEA. Each book can be read as a standalone but is better enjoyed when read in order.

Content warning for descriptive violence, off-page attempted rape, and homophobia.

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