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Attracting Aries


A lone alpha wolf with nowhere to call home.

When his brother leaves their pack, Aries’s life forever changes. He has no desire to lead them, especially not the way his father does. So, he packs a bag and walks out the door without looking back. Years later, he’s still wandering. Or maybe he’s finally on the right path.

A shifter without a pack.

Little does Cassie know that she’ll find her mate in the gorgeous, unattached lone wolf while she’s running an errand. She feels his call on a primal level. Now that they’ve met, there’s no turning back.

Two souls intertwined.

A local alpha threatens Aries and Cassie, causing them to leave. They form their own pack. However, the enemy is never far away.

Fate may have brought them together, but it’s also vigorously testing their bond. They must fight for their survival.

The battle has just begun.

Attracting Aries is a full-length novel and book one in the Avynwood Pack Origins series. It features a very alpha wolf shifter and a strong heroine who will always fight for the ones she loves. There is a found family, lots of hurdles to overcome, and a steamy romance. Each book in the series revolves around a different couple and ends with a happily ever after.

Content warning for descriptive violence, abuse, anxiety, and assault.

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