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Ballads of Lines Blurred

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The Rhythm Guitarist

With his guitar in hand, Slater’s right where he’s supposed to be. Off stage, he battles severe anxiety. Very few bother to look deeper than his profession. When two men do, he can’t turn away.


The Deejay

Milo’s happy going through life without being in a relationship. He loves his job, his family, and his friends. How he ends up dating two men, he’s not sure. He also doesn’t care. Commitment may not be so scary after all.


The Determined Dremest

Cody starts falling for Slater the moment he meets him, but in Slater’s eyes, Cody’s too young. While trying to get Slater to see him as more than his age, Cody begins looking at Milo as more than a friend.


Life isn’t easy. Why should love be? Slater, Milo, and Cody will find out what it means to put love to the test. When they have someone worth fighting for, they’ll do whatever it takes to hold on.


Ballads of Lines Blurred is an MMM steamy contemporary romance and book three in the Ruined & Relinquished series. It features a guitar player who battles internal demons, a deejay who can barely say the word relationship—let alone have one—and a man who follows his heart. There are friends to lovers, an age gap, first love, hurt/comfort, a sexy rock star, and a HEA. Each book in the series can be read as a standalone but is better enjoyed when read in order.

Content warning for death of parents, suicide, descriptive violence, off-page assault, and anxiety.

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