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Paranormals of Avynwood: Vol II

PoA Vol II.png

If you loved the first volume of Paranormals of Avynwood, finish the complete series with this six-book set. The pack is back with more adventures, mayhem, and romance.

Tempting Titus: The magnetism between Titus and Imogen was potent from the start. Both tried to fight it. But fate had a different plan—a perilous one. The world was burning around them. Titus and Imogen were in danger as well as everyone they loved.

Denying Davian: A panther shifter and a fae princess weren’t meant to be together. Or were they? Robin didn’t want a mate, so she pushed Davian away at every turn. Too bad for her, he wasn’t the type to give up.

Ladon’s Desire: Ladon and Gen’s friendship was comfortable and secure. Words of love weren’t voiced, even if they were felt. Until everything changed. When death breathed down Ladon’s neck, Gen couldn’t let him go.

A Very Avynwood Halloween: A spooky party where the threat of imminent death was real. Join the Avynwood paranormals as they celebrated Halloween while fighting to keep their loved ones safe.

Craving Camden: The first time Whit saw Cam, it was love at first sight. He never dreamed his crush wanted him back. Whit would do anything to soothe Cam’s soul, even if it meant putting himself in harm’s way.

Aiden’s Awakening: Aiden and Honey’s relationship was formed by the choices they had to make. They fought against all odds to keep their love intact. What they didn’t realize was fate was testing them.

Dive in and find out why readers are falling for these shifters, fae, mages, and vampires with the conclusion of the Paranormals of Avynwood series. Once you start this series, you won’t be able to put it down.

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