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Daylight Follows

Daylight Follows eBook.jpg

Feeling lost, Daniella goes through the motions every day. College doesn’t hold her interest. Her boyfriend doesn’t make her heart skip a beat. When tragedy strikes, she sinks deep into a dark spiral.


Garrett secretly loved Daniella throughout their high school years. After he moved away, he finally put those feelings behind him, or so he thought. Now he spends his days under the hoods of vehicles as a mechanic.


A sudden call from a friend brings Garrett rushing to his hometown. He doesn’t expect his feelings to come back when he sees Dani after years away.


Garrett can’t stay. He has to get back to his apartment and job, to his life. However, the thought of never seeing her again has the potential to shatter him.


Content warning for attempted suicide, emotional manipulation, death, violence, anxiety, and depression.

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