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My days and nights were spent running successful legal and illegal businesses. As the mafia boss of East Dremest, I had a reputation to uphold. Falling for two men was a weakness I didn’t want.


The people I loved before were no longer above ground. Circumstances arose and they were a risk I had to extinguish. Nothing good came from me loving another. I didn’t want to do so again.


Trying to resist Vail and Hartley was useless. Once I had them close, letting them go was impossible.


They were mine and I’d show them what it meant to be so.


I had to keep my lives separate. They didn’t need to see the blood on my hands or the weapons I kept. They didn’t need to witness the violence.


But I wasn’t the only one with a past.


Their lives were mine to protect. Their hearts were mine to hold. I would do anything in my power to keep them safe.


If only it were that easy. If only theirs weren’t the only hearts in play.


Jordan is an MMM steamy contemporary romance and book one in the East Dremest Mafia series. It features a man who doesn’t want to fall in love again, an incredibly sweet chef, and a fashion designer trying to climb his way back from the bottom. There is a best friend’s brother, an age gap, first love, hurt/comfort, and a sinful mafia boss. This book ends on a cliffhanger and will continue in book two, Vail.


Content warning for death of a loved one, descriptive violence including torture and death, human, drug, and gun trafficking, off-page rape, off-page domestic abuse, and off-page suicide.

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