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Lyrics of Love Unheard

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The Drummer
Dash loves being behind his drums. Playing with his brother and best friends is a dream come true. He thinks he has it all, then two men enter his life and change everything.

The Dancer
As one of the top dancers at Untouchable, Romeo knows how to grind his hips to have the members handing over big tips. He keeps his personal life separate, preferring no one looks too deep to see who he really is.

The Hopeless Romantic
Tristan’s track record is terrible when it comes to relationships. With his mind set on not falling in love so fast again, what does he do? He catches feelings for a gorgeous rock star and a sinful dancer, of course.

Their relationship doesn’t come without risks. There are buried secrets, past trauma, and the aftermath of dealing with it all. Dash, Romeo, and Tristan have to prove their love can withstand anything.

Lyrics of Love Unheard is an MMM steamy contemporary romance and book two in the Ruined & Relinquished series. It features a drummer who loves life, a dancer with a difficult past, and a man finally finding the ones who treat him how he deserves. There is found family, an age gap, hurt/comfort, a golden retriever rock star, and a HEA. Each book in the series can be read as a standalone but is better enjoyed when read in order.

Content warning for descriptive violence, anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD, off-page attempted rape, past bullying, and mentions of drug use.

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