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The Sable Keep


It starts with a disappearance.

Mine to be precise. One moment I’m fighting a dark magic user, the next I’m thrown through the air, not coming to a stop until I’m far from home with no magic and no way to return.


That’s only the beginning of my problems. When I finally make it back, I see the man I can’t stop thinking about wielding a sword like an extension of his body. He’s covered in blood, most of which isn’t his, thankfully.

I don’t live in a peaceful kingdom like others in the realm. I live on a floating island that houses the worst criminals out there. My home sits near a prison.


My magic finally comes back to me, dark as it may be. I wasn’t here when the prisoners escaped. Fortunately, Ryland showed up just in time.


He shouldn’t want to be with me. I’m meant to hunt criminals, not get a happily ever after.


My heart wars with my mind. In the end, there’s no doubt which will win.


I’m in love with a prince.


Someone I’ll fight to the death for.


Let’s hope when the time comes, we’re both prepared for the battle headed our way.


The Sable Keep is the fourth and final book in the Iridescent Realm series. It features a heroine who has dark magic and knows how to use it and a prince who does everything he can to prove there’s no place he’d rather be than fighting by her side. This book contains explicit content and graphic violence intended for those 18 and over. Each book in the series ends with a happily ever after and is best enjoyed when read in order.

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