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The Ostin Prince


When he was nine years old, Arbor Ostin ran for his life, even though the memories of that fateful night continued to chase him. Seventy years later, he’s stunned to learn his cousin, Theo, isn’t dead like he assumed. The royal Ostins are making a comeback.

Thanks to his cousin, Arbor meets Zeke, a man who is far too beautiful and kind for the likes of him.

Zeke’s caught up in the excitement of finding out the Ostins are alive, along with the rest of the world. Not only that, but he lives with them now. That doesn’t mean the trauma of his past disappears. Zeke has to learn to fight his own demons and battle the ones coming for his new friends.

Although, it does help that the Ostin prince is unlike anyone he’s ever met.

Darkness resides inside Arbor, driving him toward revenge. He doesn’t want to drag Zeke down into his hell. Zeke sees the light in Arbor and is determined to prove to him that even though they’re both broken, they’re also perfect for each other.

The Ostin Prince is a 72K word steamy M/M paranormal romance. It features a vampire prince who thinks there’s nothing good about him and a human who needs someone to love him. There is forced proximity, hurt/comfort, a vampire who does what he wants, and a HEA. The series is best enjoyed in order due to the overarching storyline. Each book revolves around a different couple.

Content warning for descriptive violence, anxiety, panic attacks, physical, verbal, and mental abuse, drinking of blood, off-page rape, off-page drug use, and torture with the use of knives.

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