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The Ostin Scholar


Hiding in plain sight is what Lazlo Ostin does best. That and teach about the advancement of vampires at a local university. Now that his nephews have revealed to the world they’re alive, Lazlo is uncertain about how to handle his own identity.

There’s also the matter of a certain vampire prince in his class who draws Lazlo’s attention more than any man has before.

Presley Kade has been looking forward to the class taught by one of the sexiest professors on campus. The course material doesn’t matter. He knows it well. It’s the man standing at the front of the room that has his attention.

Little does Presley know, his professor isn’t an ordinary vampire. He’s an Ostin in disguise. A man from the very family his father is trying to kill.

They shouldn’t be together. Shouldn’t desire each other on a visceral level. Yet, they do.

It’s not only about the survival of their families, but their relationship as well. When the dust settles, they hope to remain standing together, stronger than before.

The Ostin Scholar is a 68K word steamy M/M paranormal romance. It features a royal vampire who is used to rules and routines and a vampire prince who doesn’t think his professor will ever see him as more than a student. There is forbidden romance, hurt/comfort, a vampire family on a path to vengeance, and a HEA. The series is best enjoyed in order due to the overarching storyline. Each book revolves around a different couple.

Content warning for descriptive violence, physical, verbal, and mental abuse, drinking of blood, alcohol use, drug use, and off-page sexual assault.

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