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A Very Avynwood Halloween


Do you dare to join us for a scare the likes of which you cannot bear to miss this Halloween?
Fae wine will be served.
Costumes will be observed.
Dress in your Halloween best.
You’ll be our guest.
We insist you enter the contest.
Lealla and Aries will be the judges.
They don’t hold any grudges.
Magic is not to be used.
Shifting is not excused.
Originality is key.
There won’t be a fee.
Only one will prevail,
While the others will fail.
To entertain the judges with their looks,
This will go down in the books
As the best party ever,
So be sure to be clever.
Join us on Halloween.
It will be quite the frightening scene.


Please note that this book is not intended to be read as a standalone, but rather as part of the Paranormals of Avynwood series. It is to be read after Ladon’s Desire and before Craving Camden.

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