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Aiden’s Awakening


Aiden’s world was rocked when he learned paranormals existed.


Since then, he’d made new friends, but every encounter only emphasized how ordinary his life was.


Eighteen years was very young for a vampire. During that time, Honey hadn’t seen much. What she lacked in experience, she made up for in intelligence.


When a violent car accident happened right before Honey’s eyes, she jumped into action.


Aiden was on the brink of death. He felt himself slipping away, then someone appeared. But she didn’t rescue him. She plunged him deeper into pain and darkness.


Being made into a vampire was an excruciating experience. Once the agony receded, Aiden had to embrace his powers. He had to learn to live an entirely new life—one that was far removed from his previously mundane one.


Their relationship was forged from the choices they had to make. Their love was something they both had to fight for. What they didn’t realize was fate was testing them.


They would either embrace what was right in front of them or watch as it withered away.

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