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Denying Davian


Davian’s life hadn’t been easy.


After two near-death experiences, he held on to his optimism, even if danger still had a way of finding him.


Beneath her kind exterior, Robin was in unbelievable pain after losing her best friend. Sheer determination kept her going, even when she wanted to give up.


Then Davian appeared with his infectious smile and cheerful demeanor.


They were an unlikely pair.


One was a panther shifter and the other a fae princess. However, Robin didn’t want a mate, so she pushed Davian away at every turn. Too bad for her, he wasn’t the type to give up.


When an outside threat found its way to the fae realm, Davian leapt into action.


Fate had a way of placing paranormals where they were meant to be.


It was time for Robin to realize her destiny before it was too late.

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