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Craving Camden


Welcome to the dark side of the paranormal world.


For a hundred years, Camden had one all-consuming goal: to find his brother Caiden. He was forever searching and always hoping.


Whitlock spent his life denying the power inside him. Living openly was an adjustment, one he wasn’t comfortable with yet. Though the others knew part of his story, he still kept one secret to himself. He lived in fear of the pack not accepting him.


The first time Whit saw Cam, it was love at first sight.


He never dreamed his crush would want him back.


But Caiden was still on the run, leaving a part of Cam perpetually empty. Whit would do anything to soothe Cam’s soul, even if it meant putting himself in harm’s way.


Death. Danger. Inevitable destruction. That was the life these shifters led.


Only time would tell if they’d survive the latest storm headed their way.

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